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Episode 17: Pardon My Election

Bob and Chad talk up the Presidential election a few days after election day.

Episode 16: Sasquatch is Real!

Trump, Biden, Covid, UFOs, Sasquatch... you know, the usual stuff.


This week's tasting: Voodoo Ranger Xperimental IPA, New Belgium Brewing

Trump got the rona

Covid news

Election news

Bigfoot video?

Ten humanoid encounter videos


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Episode 15: Lazy Hole

Bob and Chad discuss the first Presidential debate, more humanoid encounters, and other very important stuff.


This week's tasting: Superfuzz Blood Orange Pale, Elysium Brewing

Covid "revenge travel"

Dumpster fire Presidential debate

Evil creature caught on tape (video)

Is this a shadow person? (video)

Reddit thread on shadow people


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Episode 14: Ruth Gidder Binsberg

More hilarity and current events from Bob and Chad.


This week's tasting:  TropiCannon Citrus IPA, Heavy Seas Beer

Covid news

The Breonna Taylor situation

Trump jeered and booed during visit to RBG's casket (video)

Guy talks about Sasquatch and shows images of its face (video)


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Episode 13: Love Not Thy Neighbor’s Wife

More blithe and bawdy banter from Bob and Chad.




This weeks' tasting: Guayabera Citra Pale Ale, Cigar City Brewing


Justice Ginsberg's passing


Covid news


Viral video of Utah anti-mask rally


The TikTok ban


The Jersey UFO blimp (video)


The Phenomenon movie trailer


The Niña Perro (video)


Crazy video of people with "Uner Tan Syndrome"


Is it a ghost, demon, or something else?  (video)




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Episode 12: No ‘Rona

Bob and Chad don't have the 'Rona!


This week's beer taste: VooDoo Ranger Juicy Haze IPA, New Belgium Brewing Co

Coaching the kids' flag football

The Trump-Woodward tapes

Dr. Fauci says hunker down for fall and winter

Bob's NFL picks of the week


Cops involved in George Floyd death are turning on each other

New body cam footage of George Floyd incident (video)

"Like being in HELL" - Driving towards the western wildfires (video)

The Native American "little people" (video)

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Episode 11: Saucy Nuggs

Bob and Chad are back from the beach and have some podcasting to do.


This week's beer taste: Hoptropolis IPA, New Realm Brewing Co.

Did Chad, Bob, and their families get the 'Rona on their beach trip?

Alarm as FDA willing to issue Covid-19 vaccine before stringent safety testing

Australian woman arrested for Facebook post about organizing Covid protests (video)

Saucy Nuggs - The issue of our day (video)


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Episode 10: Bruce in the House

Bob's twin bro Bruce calls in.  Random thoughts and laughs abound.


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Episode 9: Michael Crackson

Bob and Chad are in the basement hangout, laughing it up as always.


Hard Cider: Shared Universe Quince Cider, The Graft Cidery

The Democratic National Convention

Covid:  CNN vs. Fox News

Dude threatens shoppers for wearing masks at grocery store (video)

The most annoying Karen (video #1) (video #2)

2020 in a nutshell: The Michael Crackson video

UFO footage capture by people with smartphones (video #1) (video #1) (video #3)

UFO footage captured by cosmonaut from the International Space Station?


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Episode 8: Don’t Mess With Mother Nature

Bob and Chad are up to their usual hilarity before Mother Nature screws it all up.


Beer: Perpetual Bloom IPA, Reason Beer


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